Why Achievers are so & Survivors are not?

This is my first post and i am here to share my experience on the fundamentals of building a business. A business activity must originate from the careful observation & identification of the needs of a society. Well identified needs can be converted into a lucrative business opportunity. Smart businessmen consistently keep sharp focus on unfulfilled needs & wants of people and continuously design/modify/invent their products or services to fill the gap.

A business is like a human being only. For example, when a person goes to live in a new city, remains unknown to all until starts building a network of people who will be useful to him in present & future for some reason or the other. The financial/social growth of this person depends on how well & soon (speed matters) the networking activity is carried out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis & sustained in future with standard discipline. A lot of people do not understand this and remain isolated, in turn, make things difficult for them in achieving planned objectives or in making dreams come true.

Now let’s look at the above person as a Business, new or old. If the business is new it must start networking with the target group on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Sustained efforts over a period of time produce positive results. If the Business is old it should not become complacent. It must maintain the discipline of networking activities on a regular basis to stay in touch with the target group to fulfil present needs & also to identify new needs & wants.

In a nutshell the networking activity is important for healthy survival of all. One has to understand that Time, Efforts & Money are the Investments & not cost. Any misunderstanding between cost & investment directly impacts the decision whether to go for networking or not. In today’s times there are various ways & means to build a meaningful network of a target base. Consciously or subconsciously People, businesses and buyers are continuously working on building their network for commercial & personal benefits. The only difference could be degree of motivation, choice of action, speed of action, ways & means. These parameters clearly explain that why Achievers are so & Survivors are not.

Let me know your opinion on this.

Posted on August 17, 2015 in Business Development

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